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(Need to add samples)

♔ Bust♔

Clean Sketch.......$5


♔ Thigh Up ♔

Clean Sketch........$10

Flat Color.............$30


♔ Fullbody ♔

Clean Sketch........$15

Flat Color.............$45


♔ Backgrounds ♔

If you would like a more interesting bg, extra payments are required in addition to the base price listed above.

Price: negotiable


I only take USD through Paypal only

I will give you my paypal email/invoice after I accept your request


I will be charging extra for additional/complex details (such as weapons, clothing, and other props with intricate designs).

No refunds  

I provide sketch wips. Please note, no more major changes can be made once you have approved the sketch stage.

I have the right to refuse a commission if needed.

Will Draw:

Light gore and blood

Design new outfits

Text descriptions

Will Not Draw:

Furries (small animals or pets such as cats/birds are fine)




1. Please email at with the following information

- paypal e-mail:

- style:

- size: (bust/waist/full body)

- references: (Visual refs needed for ocs., descriptions, characteristics)

- additional info: (poses, expression etc.)

2. I’ll confirm your order and start on a sketch

3. I’ll send an invoice to the paypal email provided. If you’re okay with how the sketch turned out please pay the invoice.

4. Once I get the payment. I’ll finish your commissions and send it to via email. I’ll send 2 additional wips after the sketch.

You can contact me via email or message me here if you have any questions.


By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms of service:

  • The commissioned artwork cannot be used for commercial purposes. This means using the said commissioned art to make financial profit. It is only to be for personal use.

  • As the artist, I have copyright to your commissioned artwork, and I am able to repost it on other social media with credit to the respective owner of the character.

  • I will not reproduce and sell commissions without permission from the customer.

  • You may repost my art on other sites, but you must credit me.

  • You cannot claim credit for the artwork.

Happy New Year!!!

How's everybody so far??
A new year and a new gallery...XDD
I will start off with an empty gallery again and hope to update it soon n__n

And also need to set up some resolutions this year XD
  • Listening to: uuhhh almost everything~
  • Reading: kinna lazy sooo picture books...
  • Watching: mostly online stuffs...
  • Playing: will think about this...
  • Eating: all yummy food
  • Drinking: good drinks~?
hello~~have a nice stay..i'll add more stuff soon..someday~